Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rejected TCM Underground ads!

Going through a closet in my basement, I found a box containing these drawings, which I did for the Turner Classic Movies ad campaign a while back. These are the pictures they didn't use for ads, though the ad agency did suggest at least a couple of the captions. "We wanna be free..." was a reference to The Wild Angels (and by a degree or two of separation I suppose, Russ Myers' Mudhoney), which I think was lost on the art director. But maybe Rob Zombie would have gotten it!
The "Cult Film Feast" picture was rejected explicitly because the resemblance to Vincent Price was too vivid! Apparently the network has a few differences of opinion with the Price family, and weren't interested in complicating matters by using his likeness in advertisements.

A gallery of the actual ads as they appeared in print can be viewed here.

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